With the innovative Bet Tracker Pro it’s never been easier or more convenient for sports bettors to follow the action, especially now that it can be run on the Apple iPhone.

The brainchild of Bet Tracker, a California-based management service, and Originate Labs, a software technology design firm, Bet Tracker Pro allows bettors to track their wagers anywhere they have mobile device accessibility. It shows them how each of their bets is performing. They can view published betting lines, calculate win-loss probabilities, view game stats and get final scores - all via the Internet and all in real time.

The service also assists bettors with monitoring multiple games and bets from one site by allowing them to create alerts to track their wagers, bet types and game lines easily and quickly with just a few keystrokes. Once they create an alert the user-friendly graphical interface keeps them up-to-date by providing information in real time about the success of the bet, game scores, stats and the probability of winning, even while the game is in progress.

Bet Tracker Pro has been designed to work simply and easily on any mobile phone, social network platform or the Internet. It is designed for all ranges of handicappers.

 “Our goal is to revolutionize the way sport bettors track and monitor their bets performance, while creating a fun, useful tool to help enhance the thrill and excitement of betting,” says Bet Tracker CEO Kevin Torf.

California-based Bet Tracker markets its products directly to the public and partners with affiliated sports books, eGaming sites and sporting entities around the world.  For more information, contact Kevin Torf at +1 310 341 0101; or visit www.betracker.com.