WIN Enterprises' MB-64000 motherboard

WIN Enterprises has introduced a new motherboard that integrates a range of functionalities within a more cost-effective single unit.

The MB-64000 is designed for several applications, including multimedia gaming machines, slot and poker machines, amusement machines and slave units for multi-player systems.

It supports XGA resolution dual display with 2D acceleration for gaming applications. A stereo power amplifier enables accentuated sound effects. Various security mechanisms are incorporated to protect intellectual property. The ultra-low-power design provides for greener, more economical operation. And the JAMMA and fruit machine pin out provides for easy upgrade and migration of current gaming machines.

The board features an FPGA and API, which can be used to program direct handling of I/O, thus off-loading these tasks from the CPU. This helps eliminate processing interrupts and leads to better system response for the game user. The FPGA also provides intrusion detection, NVRAM and random number generation.

The MB-64000 supports Windows XPe, CE 6.0 and Linux. Gaming I/O API and sample code for Microsoft Windows CE 6.0 are included. Microsoft Windows XPe or Linux are included upon request. Customized software, BIOS and FPGA functions are available to OEMs as part of ODM projects. Up to 4GB is optional on the 256MB NANDrive. Crypto Memory for custom individual security also is optional.

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