Daimer Industries' XTreme Power cleaner

Daimer Industries' XTreme Power steam carpet cleaner

Daimer Industries, a major supplier and exporter of green cleaning and commercial products, has unveiled its new model of XTreme Power steam carpet cleaner, the XPH-9300U.

The industrial grade XPH offers a number of unique features, including oversized solution tanks, quick drying time, a specially designed 4-inch wand for easy cleaning of upholstery and two inline heating elements for tackling the toughest jobs in casinos and gaming facilities. The heating elements produce steam up to 210 degrees Fahrenheit. The carpet extractors generate pressure levels as high as 100 psi. The single-jet upholstery wand features 25 feet of solution hose plus another 25 feet of hose for vacuuming. Other wands are available for carpets and stairs.

The cleaners include solution tanks of 17 gallons and recovery tanks of 15 gallons. And Daimer’s exclusive low-flow capabilities mean less liquid is dispersed while cleaning so the solution and recovery tanks last longer. The low-flow technology also means carpets become less wet and dry in around two hours.

For more information, contact Matthew Baratta at +1 888 507 2220. Information also is available at www.daimer.com.