VisuaLimits Table Signs is taking game efficiency to a new level with a package of innovative display technologies designed to help casino management enhance pit operations, reduce labor costs and improve staff performance.

The 8.4-inch LCD game limit sign is the ultimate multi-tasker, providing an array of essential reports, including the real-time status of all games, the duration of game status for any shift or day, week, month and year, comparative analysis for all information collected - date-to-date and shift-to-shift, including historical data - and current betting limits and their duration, previous limits and their duration, and average limits for the casino as a whole for any time period.

VisuaLimits’ technology also has the ability to “remotely” drop the limits on games that are dead. And it tells you how long the game has been active at that limit. And the capabilities don’t stop there. Reporting takes in whether a game is smoking or non-smoking (and for how long), and it provides a daily “snapshot” history with a chronological bar graph that displays limits and correlating game status.

One of its most powerful tools is its Table Monitoring System Automated Dealer-Pace Audits, which calculates individual dealer performance according to several statistical measurements, including hands per hour, shuffle time, “true” hands per hour (shuffle plus dealing time), and it generates collective calculations of dealer statistics which can be compared against casino-wide performance levels.

And VisuaLimits’ sleek, unobtrusive design and messaging system is the perfect vehicle for property-centric and outside advertising, capable of using both static images when the table is in play and video formats when it’s not - and possessing the intelligence to know the difference.

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