Veridocs is a leading provider of identity validation and data management solutions

Protect your bottom line with a leader in identity validation

In today’s economy, success in the gaming industry is not just about increasing a casino’s bottom line but also protecting it. Veridocs delivers the technology that allows casino resorts to transact with confidence and create a safer playing environment for their patrons.

Veridocs, a leading provider of identity validation and data management solutions to the industry, is the first defense in the detection of fraudulent identification documents, mitigating the risk of check and credit-card fraud, money laundering, underage gambling and/or drinking and other illegal activities, such as identity theft.

It has been reported that in Clark County, Nevada, alone, markers, or “counter checks,” issued for credit that go uncollected due to fraudulent IDs total in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and sometimes more than $1 million in a single month.

The Veridocs solution scans and validates government-issued identifications in less than 10 seconds, checking an evolving library of more than 1,700 documents worldwide and validating all built-in security features, including holograms, watermarks, bar codes and mag-stripes. Its software then extracts, displays and stores a patron’s biographic and ID-specific information, along with the ID image, allowing you to confirm that the information stored in the bar code and/or mag-stripe matches that of the physical ID. Finally, it simultaneously checks the patron against multiple watch lists as required by government or internal business mandates. The information is then stored in a standard SQL data base. The data base is search-capable, provides a variety of reports and stores multiple document images (applications, signature cards, checks, etc.) as they apply to the patron’s transaction.

The Veridocs solution not only mitigates a casino’s financial, reputational and regulatory risks but also increases operational efficiencies through enhanced communications between cage and credit, pit, slot floor, patron loyalty department and the hotel, security and surveillance departments. Veridocs’ software can be integrated with a casino’s patron loyalty software, allowing a casino to capture new players at multiple points throughout the property, and it interfaces with compliance software for audit and reporting purposes.

Veridocs also offers a List Manager Module, another way to enhance communications between departments. This module permits casinos to create, maintain and update internal lists that can be shared across multiple departments in real time.

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