Really, it’s the changes that are most exciting.

Like Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz,” we had been searching for something “over the rainbow.” In our case it was a search for new and innovative ways to bring our readers more information and to showcase new products and technologies. Coming up with ideas was easy, but bringing them to fruition proved cumbersome before the BNP Media acquisition. One, we had to start from scratch to build an infrastructure to support our ideas. Two, because we were backed by private equity, we were dealing with the pressure of being “sold” every three years. This meant spending considerable time educating new owners and hoping they would back our ideas.  

Then, like the great tornado that swept Dorothy away, along came BNP Media, a privately held, family owned business with more than 80 years of business-to-business publishing experience, including a strong infrastructure to bolster our integrated media ideas. So, over this past year we have re-designed our Website to include exclusive online features, news updates, searchable archives, a calendar of events, a monthly poll question and much more.  

Now over the next few months and into 2009, we will be integrating more products to further enhance Casino Journal’s mission to provide you with real-world solutions and information on cutting-edge technologies, products and services. Some of these products include:

  • Digital edition of Casino Journal – An exact replica of the print issue, but with the added digital interactivity, including live links to companies and advertisers. You can store Casino Journal on your laptop rather than in your briefcase.
  • White Paper Section – Case studies on products and services being implemented in the industry
  • Online Buyers Guide – Thousands of products and services to search at your fingertips
  • Videos – New product and service demonstrations in streaming video
  • Microsites – Mini-sites focused on one particular product or technology. These sites may include video, white papers, product specifications  

This is just a sampling of the new products, so I invite you to check out regularly to see what’s new. Our hope is to become an even more valuable resource in your daily routine.  

New and familiar faces

Casino Journal also is undergoing a transition at its editorial helm. Marian Green will take over as editor of the magazine in September. Many of you may know Marian as editor of our bimonthly supplement Slot Manager, a role she will continue, and in several different editorial capacities with Casino Journal’s sister monthly publication IGWB. Marian brings more than 15 years of experience covering the gaming industry for not only Slot Manager and IGWB but also the Las Vegas Review-Journal. We also welcome Craig Berosh as the new associate / multi-media editor. This is Craig’s first step into gaming; however he has an extensive background in newspaper journalism and business-to-business publishing, including his most recent position as lead editor with Recharger magazine. Both bring with them unique qualities to drive the publication forward today and into the future.  

What Dorothy discovered at the end of her journey was that “there’s no place like home.” What we at Casino Journal have found is our home at BNP Media, and we look forward to continuing our journey in bringing you high-quality, unbiased editorial to serve as a vital tool in your day-to-day operations.    


Pamela Hugill


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