The upcoming Gaming Technology Conference can help operators spot gaming’s next big technological leap.

“That’s the future…What a fascinating modern age we live in.”
-Captain Jack Aubrey,
Master and Commander

For those unfamiliar with the movieMaster and Commander, it involves the trials and triumphs of an 18th century British navy frigate sailing the waters of South America looking to engage and capture a larger, better-armed, more technologically-advanced French ship. The only reason I bring this up is because when it comes to technology, I feel much the same way as Captain Aubrey-astounded and sometimes shocked at the current pace of innovation, but also interested to see how the latest thing will impact the world in which I function.

Naturally, this interest is subject to the actual application of these technologies to my life. I recently came across an article on that attempts to forecast some of the technological advances and trends we’ll see over the upcoming year. I read with interest the products that I could see potentially transforming and improving my personal and professional activities. These included the growing trend of embedding Internet-connectable sensors into physical products, giving me the capability of checking their status and otherwise communicating with them through Web-enabled mobile devices. The article described athletic shoes that monitor your workout to let you know exactly how many calories you are burning and personal wireless lighting systems that allow you to alter the color and intensity of home lighting systems from your couch.  I would love to have this technology in my car, which I currently park on the street, to alert me when its being tampered with or if there is a parking space available closer to my home. From a professional perspective, Web-enabled products can augment the casino environment in a number of consumer-friendly ways-for example, chair sensors can let customers know instantly when their favorite slot is available for play or a space has opened at a popular table game. 

Of course, this article also described technology trends that were of less interest to me from a personal perspective and which I immediately dismissed. After all, who needs technology that you can wear; devices that are literally woven into clothing that will allow you to stay connected to social media 24/7 or photograph every moment of your entire day in 30-second intervals? But there’s a nagging question here even with devices I deem to be silly-am I letting personal prejudices color a technology that could dramatically alter my business life? How do I know I’m not missing out on the next big economic trend?

This is where events like our upcoming Gaming Technology Conference, which is taking place March 12-13 at the Green Valley Ranch in Las Vegas, can come in handy. The two-day conference and trade show features knowledgeable speakers who will discourse on a wide variety of technology topics. Sessions include getting connected and staying connected to your guests, Cloud and wireless strategy, mobile marketing, Internet gaming operations, regulatory updates and social media strategies. The program is designed to appeal to technology professionals, and also to decision makers who are responsible for the creation and success of projects, campaigns and programs. It will also give attendees a chance to communicate with their gaming peers, and determine whether a technology is truly transforming and worth pursuing, despite what they may think about it personally. For more details and to register for Gaming Technology Conference, visit

I suggest you take the time to drop by the event and peruse the sessions and show floor to keep abreast of the latest technological initiatives happening in the gaming industry. After all, you probably don’t want to be a commander of an 18th century ship trying to navigate 21st century waters.