Shows like the upcoming Gaming Technology Summit help us stay afloat in the growing tide of technological change.

One thing is becoming increasingly apparent to me as the years go by-there is no escaping technology anymore. Really, there is not even a chance to yell “time-out” and take a reflective 10 minute respite from the tech sledgehammer. I’m sure in the time it has taken me to write this five new apps for the iPhone have been created and posted. If a modern Henry Dave Thoreau decided to seek a little seclusion on Walden Pond he’d best bring along a Blackberry or else risk returning as Rip van Winkle. (I know, the Blackberry reference is so2010…)

Few would argue that it is important to stay abreast of the latest technological advances no matter what industry you happen to be in. That is why events such as the upcoming Gaming Technology Summit are of such value to those of us in the legalized wagering universe. Where else will you be able to catch up on the latest gaming technology news, theories, products and practices in one location and in a two-day time period?

This year’s Gaming Technology Summit, which is being sponsored by WhiteSand Gaming and BNP Media Gaming Group, the parent company ofCasino Journal, promises to be the one of the best ever, featuring a practical and forward looking program that addresses how effective deployment of technology determines success in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Among the highlights:

• A first-ever career development workshop for information technology professionals. The half-day program will be led by Mark Wayman, who is popularly known as the “Godfather of Las Vegas” for his unique ability to connect gaming companies and high-level job seekers. Wayman, who is founder and chief executive officer of The Foundation, an executive search firm focused on gaming and high-tech industries, will present a comprehensive view of gaming career development, from the job search to what it takes to keep one’s career moving forward. Wayman’s workshop, “Gaming Executive Career Guide, Building a Career,” will be presented in two parts on Wednesday, June 13

• A glimpse of the future will be provided by keynote presenter Ramesh Srinivasan, president and chief operating officer, Bally Technologies, one of the most forward-thinking companies in the casino industry. Srinivasan will speak to the topic of, “Gaming Technology: The Next 10 Years.”

The conference program for the event is also quite impressive. A couple of the session descriptions that piqued my interest were:

• eGaming: There are a few ways to provide Internet gaming for players ranging from completely outsourcing the entire offering through custom developing your own solution. Companies just embarking on this effort will need to determine which path is best for them and understand the pros and cons of the different approaches.

• Facebook and Social Media in the Casino: Every 60 seconds, more than 600,000 Facebook statuses are updated, more than 98,000 tweets are sent and more than 600 videos are uploaded on YouTube. Needless to say social media is here to stay, and impacting our business in ways we never imagined. How can your business benefit from this phenomenon? This session will review the latest social media trends casinos are utilizing and how they can help your entire organization.

All told, the program includes 25-plus information-packed conference sessions and vendor workshops over its two-day run. For more information and to register for the event,

Now, if you don’t mind, I think I’ll go back to my nap and hope the ghosts bowling nine pins don’t keep me awake.