Sports betting solutions provider, Sports Betting Tech (SBTech) is partnering with Sisley International, owner and operator of Betshop, to offer a fully-managed live betting solution for Betshop's online and betting shop customers.

"Betshop is an industry veteran and one of the most respected bookmakers in Europe,” said SBTech CEO Itai Zak. “We are delighted to provide (them) with our leading live betting solution that offers more than 7,000 live games per month. Our partnership with Betshop will allow them to benefit from a fully managed live betting solution thus reducing their trading and operational costs significantly."

Sisley International Ltd Chairman Vasili Xatzinakis said the company wanted to improve its existing platform by adding a much wider and richer live betting offering with more events, more bet types, more matches and, “of course, a better bottom line. We chose SBTech not only because of their superior live betting offering and the smooth and seamless integration they provide, but also because of their unique understanding of the market and their ability to provide us with fully managed trading and risk management services."