Condensed versions of the roundtables planned for multiple jurisdictions throughout remainder of the year.

Gaming Laboratories International has wrapped up its two most recent regulator roundtables: the seventh annual North American Roundtable and the fifth annual European Roundtable. The North American Roundtable drew more than 200 regulators from 93 jurisdictions across the United States and Canada, while the European Roundtable saw attendance from 47 regulators from 18 jurisdictions across Europe.

“We are thrilled with the way the roundtables went. Today, 111 jurisdictions around the world are more informed and more prepared for their regulatory challenges, and that is extremely beneficial to the global gaming industry,” said GLI Senior Director of Engineering and Client Services Ian Hughes. “No other company offers such an experience, and we are proud to present the roundtables and to do it free of charge.”

GLI said it would be conducting condensed versions of the roundtables in multiple international jurisdictions over the remainder of 2008. Next for GLI is a series of training sessions throughout the year in the company’s GLI University program. The trainings are also presented free of charge to regulators.

“GLI’s Roundtable is a great opportunity to become more familiar with new technologies and current world practices in adopting them. We found the roundtable very useful, and we are impatiently waiting for the next meeting,” said Danielius Stašys, head of gaming devices inspection and register division for the State Gaming Control Commission in Lithuania.

-Andy Holtmann