New facility will focus on R&D to help accelerate the commercial deployment of the games and systems technologies of the “networked floor of the future.”

Bally Technologies has formed an Innovation Lab to focus on the research and development of new gaming technologies, features, and products and help accelerate the commercial deployment of the most cutting-edge games and systems technologies of the “networked floor of the future.”

Bally Technologies appointed Bryan Kelly, vice president of technology, as head of the Innovation Lab, which is based in Northern California. Through the Innovation Lab, Kelly will lead Bally’s efforts to inspire and synergize development efforts from Bally’s entire R&D team, which has tripled in size in less than three years. The lab will research emerging and paradigm-shifting technologies to help ensure that Bally stays at the forefront of the gaming manufacturing and technology industry, the company said.

“The Bally Innovation Lab will coordinate and lead our commitment to drive synergy and promote a culture of providing leading technologies and creative, customer-centric products,” said Richard Haddrill, chief executive officer of Bally Technologies. “With the growth and leadership of our engineering teams, the flow of ideas is astounding.”

Kelly said he was “thrilled and honored to lead Bally’s Innovation Lab, which will allow us to capitalize on our R&D talent across the globe and accelerate development and deployment of new technology to our customers.”

Bally also has announced the creation of the Office of the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) to serve as a thought leader on technology. The Office of the CTO will be comprised of:  

Bob Luciano, Bally’s chief technology officer, who has returned to Bally part-time after a medical leave. Luciano’s gaming career includes founding Sierra Design Group, which was acquired by Bally in 2004.  

John Acres, chief executive officer of Acres-Fiore, a gaming content provider. He is a respected entrepreneur and gaming industry veteran. Acres founded Acres Gaming and co-founded Mikohn, Inc., now known a Progressive Gaming International.  

Tom Frisina, a leading executive in the interactive gaming industry for 25 years, focusing on product development, publishing, and distribution. He has been a consultant to Bally over the last four years in the area of third-party product development.  

Bally Technologies Board member Kevin Verner, who was previously the chief operating officer of WMS Industries, Inc.  

The Office of the CTO also will include Bally Technologies’ executives Ramesh Srinivasan, executive vice president, Bally Systems; Bruce Rowe, senior vice president of Strategy and Business Development; Bryan Kelly, vice president of technology; Dan Savage, vice president of marketing; Loren Nelson, vice president of engineering; Marco Herrera, vice president and managing director, Bally Nice; Mike Mitchell, vice president of  game development; Robert Crowder, vice president of advanced product development; and Walt Eisele, vice president of systems development. 

“The incredible breadth of talent, experience, and entrepreneurship that comprises our Office of the CTO will be key in driving Bally’s strategic development and direction moving forward,” Luciano said. “This powerhouse team of company leadership and outside technology veterans will allow us to drive even more customer-focused innovation.”

Acres said he is honored to join the Bally Office of the CTO. “I have been working with Bally for several years now and have seen firsthand its commitment to developing technology that meets customers need both today and in the future,” he said.

“At Acres-Fiore, we are looking forward to working more closely with Bally to bring gaming operators more profitability and players more fun.”