Cabinets’ Colorado field trial completed ahead of schedule; Nevada trials in the finals stages

Aristocrat Technologies announced that its VIRIDIAN cabinet has received multiple test lab certifications in key North American markets. The product is now certified in most GLI jurisdictions, New Jersey, and three Canadian provinces.

Aristocrat also completed its Colorado field trial of the VIRIDIAN cabinet ahead of schedule, and is in the final stages of field trial in Nevada. VIRIDIAN was initially placed in select approved markets in late March and the company said it has received an extremely positive response from players and operators alike.

“Our reports show that customer acceptance is very high, and early numbers indicate improved casino performance with more than a 50 percent increase in multiple locations,” said Sean Evans, senior vice president of sales. “We believe that can be directly attributed to VIRIDIAN’s unique features including its dynamic scorecard, easy-play interface, and high impact cabinet presence.”

The VIRIDIAN cabinet is designed for optimal player comfort and operator serviceability and features a slimmer footprint, high resolution dual LCDs and unique, wrap-around belly art, creating a truly unique product offering. VIRIDIAN embraces environmentally responsible design and production methods, resulting in a 100 percent RoHS-compliant product and increased energy efficiency for operators.

Driven by an Intel™ processor, the innovative GEN7 platform features dynamic scorecards and an enhanced Easy Play on-screen interface, including player-selectable denominations. The new platform utilizes Smart card and flash card technology, and, in addition to offering an enhanced player experience, GEN7 paves the way for downloadable, server-based and wireless gaming, supporting the technology of today while driving the technology of the future.

-Andy Holtmann