Bally's new Reel Money progressive reel-spinning machine offers five bonus levels

Bally Reel Money machine released


Bally Technologies’ new Reel Money progressive reel-spinning slot machine has been released for domestic sale in all major gaming jurisdictions, the company announced this week.

Reel Money is a reel-spinning slot machine available on both the ALPHA Elite widescreen CineReels and upright S9E cabinet configurations. What makes this five-level internal/external progressive game unique is an exciting “virtual spinner” secondary progressive bonus event that offers players a “guaranteed win” on each successive bonus level. In addition, players have a chance to win all five progressive awards during the same spin, including the top award that starts at $25,000.

The progressive bonus round occurs in the top-mounted, widescreen LCD display situated above the reels. Each progressive level, from lowest to highest, is named for a specific gemstone: emerald, sapphire, ruby, topaz and pearl. The top jackpot award resets at $25,000 and increases based on coin-in on the local-area progressive link.

At the start of the bonus, a virtual spinner appears and a pointer spins, randomly stopping at up to 10 bonus-award values. If the pointer stops on the space that matches the gemstone, the player wins that level’s progressive award. This process continues up each progressive level until these predetermined spins have been completed. Each level offers players a guaranteed win, regardless of whether or not the progressive award for that level is achieved.

Reel Money is available as a five-reel, 30-line stepper slot with a 150-credit max bet at the one or two-cent denomination level. Alternatively, the game can be configured as a five-reel, 20-line game with a 60-credit max bet at a nickel denomination. All three of these denominations can be linked together to offer a total progressive package on the casino floor.