eBay games first debuted at Cache Creek


IGT’s eBay video slot machines that premiered in California last month at Cache Creek Casino Resort are drawing buzz and generating plenty of play.

The games create a distinctive footprint on a casino floor, which includes a15-foot-long eBay sign and four giant LCD screens with music, lights, and sounds. There are

two banks of five machines positioned back-to-back, and a free-spin community bonus event in which players play together on the big overhead screens, echoing the bidding excitement found on eBay’s r auction site.

 “The combination of the eBay brand and the game’s amazing design is really capturing players’ imaginations,” said Tom O’Brien, director of MegaJackpots product management for IGT.

Cache Creek representatives also noted that the combination of the pop culture eBay Internet brand and the visual and sound displays are proving to be a strong draw.

“Within minutes of the game going active, slot players were lining up three deep at each of the eBay slot stations to play,” Joe Whitman, slot technical manager, said at the time of release.