Nod from state gaming commission follows field trials at The Venetian in Las Vegas

Cantor Gaming has received approval from the State of Nevada Gaming Commission, on recommendation from the Nevada Gaming Control Board, to begin operations with its mobile gaming system within approved gaming areas in Nevada.  

This follows a period of extensive field trials at The Venetian in Las Vegas, during which security measures and processes were strictly monitored and tested with respect to Nevada’s stringent operating standards. The completion of the trials opens the door for Cantor Gaming to offer its gaming products to all Nevada casinos.   

Lee Amaitis, president of Cantor Gaming, commented: “We are obviously delighted to have reached this stage in the evolution of mobile gaming within the state of Nevada. The Gaming Control Board and Gaming Commission have been extremely thorough and rigorous in assessing the technology and processes supporting our mobile gaming device, eDeck, and the integrity of Cantor Gaming.”  

He added: “Cantor Fitzgerald prides itself on a long history of supporting highly secure financial transactions based on world-class-technology. We have applied this same rigor to the development of our mobile gaming platform. Approval by Nevada’s Gaming Commission is the gold standard for gaming regulation and we are honored that they have recognized our commitment to the gaming industry.”