www.AllCasinoJobsONLINE.com launches with 5,291 jobs available in its initial posting

A newly unemployed casino veteran launches a free website that links job-seekers to casino employment Web sites, with 5,291 jobs available in its initial posting. The Web site iswww.AllCasinoJobsONLINE.comand is updated weekly to adapt to the decreasing revenues and rising unemployment around the gaming industry. All of the jobs listed are open to the general public. 

The founder, Brian Decorah, is a gaming executive who was recently terminated by an Arizona casino, seven months after relocating from New York to oversee their marketing operations. "I was unaware that my job may be in jeopardy," he recalled. "The Board of Directors, the Tribal Council and their Gaming Commission had nothing but positive feedback and genuine appreciation for the job I was doing, but the General Manager surprised everyone by letting me go." In January, the Arizona Department of Gaming announced a 16% decline in the Tribal contributions as casino layoffs were announced throughout the country.

The new website provides links to 764 gaming operations in 34 states and is free to the casinos and to the job-seekers. A search option to target specific markets and job titles is also available for a fee of $19.95. Each week, Brian and his wife pull all of the publicly posted jobs in the industry, and make them available to those seeking work. "It takes a full day to do the work, but right now, I have the time," he joked. "The workers need to know where the jobs are, and even the casinos are trying to save money on recruiting costs these days. This website helps everyone." 

All of the links to the casino employment websites are accessible by the general public, and any casino can opt out of the free listing.  

Local, regional and national news syndicates have chronicled the thousands of gaming employees that have been laid off over the last six months. "The casino that let me go enjoyed a 3200% return on theirinvestment in me, so my situation proves that anyone is susceptible," said Brian. "Revenues are down everywhere, so this website will benefit the casinos by adding competition and talent to the applicant pool, without the added cost of recruitment." 

According to figures published by the American Gaming Association and the National Indian Gaming Association, there are approximately 1,000,000 workers in the U.S. gaming industry. With thousands of current listings available, AllCasinoJobsONLINE.com dwarfs the employment listings of all of the other casino employment websites combined, who typically list less than 500 jobs at any given time.