SUM+IT+UP game to be added to TableMAX’s platform

TableMAX Gaming has executed a contract with KIS Gaming to supply content on the TableMAX System. Under terms of the agreement, KIS Gaming will provide its SUM+IT+UP game content for use on the TableMAX platform.  

SUM+IT+UP was initially invented as a live table game and was displayed at the Global Gaming Expo in 2006 and 2007. It was later converted into a video format, is widely considered to be very easy to play, and gives the player multiple chances of winning, multiple payouts, along with jackpot potential.  

KIS Gaming President Ted Gottlieb said, “We had been following TableMAX’s rise. We came to believe our companies’ innovative business philosophies would be a perfect match, and that SUM+IT+UP would be perfect for the TableMAX platform. We are very pleased to have solidified our thoughts in this agreement.”  

TableMAX CEO Stephen Crystal said, “When Ted first called me, he said he could explain SUM+IT+UP in 10 seconds, and he did, so I knew it would be very easy for players to understand. I then discussed the game with my team, and we quickly saw the potential to put the game on our progressive platform. We are excited to add SUM+IT+UP to our content library and to offer our customers yet another fun game for their players.”  

Table game players have been found to quickly understand SUM+IT+UP. The object of the game is for the player to receive a higher five card numerical total than the dealer. There is a side bet for a low or high total and a video poker game built into it. The TableMAX system adds the excitement of a progressive jackpot to the game.