New offering features the company’s Transmissive Reels gaming technology platform

WMS Gaming launched a new “for-sale” gaming machine based on the company’s Transmissive Reels gaming technology platform.

Featuring the capabilities of WMS’ Transmissive Reels technology, this new gaming machine is the industry’s first mechanical reel product to offer a multi-game feature set, while also providing a solution for bringing the advantages of networked, server-enabled gaming to mechanical reel products. Utilizing WMS’ Hot Hot Super Jackpot brand and bonusing feature, the new multi-game product addresses the growing industry demand for new, next-generation mechanical reel products.

With the multi-game offering, casino patrons can choose from four different games, each with a unique pay table and bonusing. From clumped wild symbols to variable multiplying wild symbols, these WMS games provide a new entertainment experience for traditional mechanical reel players as they feature stunning visual graphics – enabled by WMS’ patented Transmissive Reels technology – which surround and overlay the spinning reels. By combining classic mechanical reels with this enhanced visual experience, WMS brings casino operators the ability to offer their patrons another differentiated entertainment experience.

“Our innovative Transmissive Reels technology has developed incredibly strong player appeal and continues to generate high time on device and higher than house average coin-in for our participation gaming products. These attributes underscore the unique entertainment experience and benefits to casino operators of this proprietary WMS technology,” said Orrin J. Edidin, president of WMS. “With the launch of this new product we are expanding our for-sale product offerings while continuing to demonstrate execution against our multi-year product plan whereby we use our foundational technologies for server-enabled gaming in advance of the launch of networked systems. We believe that the unique aspects of these new games will generate a high return on investment for our casino customers.

“Even as we roll-out this new, for-sale Transmissive Reels offering, our product development teams are preparing additional, exciting new Transmissive Reels games to be offered on a participation basis. The expansion of our industry-leading games, server-based foundational-technologies and continued market share gains of our mechanical reel games are important components of the revenue growth we expect to achieve in fiscal 2009 and beyond.”

WMS’ Transmissive Reels gaming platform combines the traditional player appeal of a mechanical reel slot machine with video capabilities in one gaming device. Enabled by the enhanced power of WMS’ CPU-NXT 2 operating system, Transmissive Reels gaming products provide the action of authentic mechanical reels with the visually engaging play experience of a 3D, digital graphical interface. The robust video animation can occur around, over and seemingly interactively with the mechanical reels. By combining mechanical reel and video action, Transmissive Reels technology creates a nearly unlimited set of mathematical outcomes that sets new standards for players’ gaming experiences. Through the use of its video capabilities, Transmissive Reels technology also provides a viable and exciting solution for enabling the advantages of networked, server-enabled gaming in mechanical reel products.