March might be madness, but April will be quiet for college basketball bettors at the Caesars Windsor in Ontario, Canada.  

Several media outlets reported that the NCAA has persuaded the Ontario government to suspend basketball betting at Caesars Windsor from March 30 to April 6 while the Final Four is held at Ford Field in nearby Detroit.  

The Caesars Windsor, which is owned by the Ontario Lottery Gaming Corp., a government agency, and managed by Harrah’s Entertainment Inc., was asked by NCAA representatives to suspend the betting.  

“As you know, sports books are only located in a few, select cities, and given the closer proximity this year, the request of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. was a proactive move to ensure a Final Four environment that is free of college sports wagering,” Stacey Osburn of the NCAA was quoted in the story.  
Windsor and Detroit are divided by about two miles, across the Detroit river, which acts as the U.S.-Canadian borderline.  The Detroit-Windsor Tunnel is touted as the only vehicular international subaqueous border crossing in the world, subject to tolls as well as inspections by Immigration and Customs.