When completed by year’s end the new system will be in use on some 6,700 gaming devices

The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma has selected Aristocrat Technologies’ Oasis 360 system for seven of its casino properties in Oklahoma. The contract represents a strategic partnership for Aristocrat within the state of Oklahoma. When completed, Oasis 360 will be installed on more than 6,700 gaming devices across the Choctaw Nation enterprises, which are a mix of Class II and Class III devices.  

Aristocrat will be installing Oasis 360 casino-by-casino beginning in March and expect to be completed with the last installation prior to the end of 2009. The first installation will take place at the new Choctaw Casino Stringtown in Stringtown. After all Oasis 360 installations are completed, Aristocrat will install its OneCard system, which will allow players to play for points and redeem across the entire Choctaw enterprise.  

In addition, Aristocrat will also assist Choctaw Casinos in the development and launching of individual players clubs at each Choctaw location.  

Speaking for Choctaw Casinos, Executive Director Janie Dillard said, “Our old system had several obstacles that kept us from providing the level of customer services that we envisioned and planned for. After reviewing all of the systems options available to us, we believe we have found the answers we were looking for and a great partner for our properties in the Oasis 360 solution.”  

Aristocrat President Nick Khin said, “We are thrilled that Aristocrat and Oasis 360 were chosen as the new systems partner by the Choctaw Nation. We are confident that the new Oasis 360 solution from Aristocrat is the perfect fit for the Choctaw Nation. Oasis 360 will provide each property within the Choctaw enterprise the freedom to create multiple customer programs, the flexibility to customize promotions for individual property needs, and the strength to incorporate enterprise wide marketing campaigns in the future. We are excited and honored that the Choctaw Nation has chosen to ‘Step into the Circle’ of Oasis 360 operator partners.”  

The new Choctaw Oasis 360 system will be powered by Aristocrat’s Sentinel III hardware, and will give the enterprise myriad marketing and promotional tools, enabling them to maintain a competitive edge. Oasis 360 tools include SpeedMedia, SuperPlaymate, Personal Banker, Marketing Manager, Bonus Points, Total Promo, Games Direct for Kiosk and OneCard.  

Beyond marketing, Oasis 360 will benefit Choctaw Casinos with exclusive features for reliable accounting and reporting through the BlackBart module along with business intelligence, customer relationship management and operations, including WAGER, HostVIP, PitBoss, Quickets, OmniView, Diagnostic Monitor and Surveillance Monitor.