Gaming Laboratories International Asia’s multi-phased expansion will establish a fully functional testing laboratory in Macao by the end of 2008

(from left): GLI's Larry Xiao, GLI's James Maida, MPI's Dr. Lei Heong Iok, MPI's Mr. Raymond Chan (executive director of CCC).

Since opening its lab in Macao in 2006, Gaming Laboratories International has been continuously pressed by requests from regulators and manufacturers alike to expand its services. In response to that demand, GLI Asia is planning a multi-phased expansion, the first of which will establish a fully functional testing laboratory in Macao by the end of 2008. GLI Asia will move from its current office to a 3,000-square-foot testing facility in China Civil Plaza in Macao.      

In addition, GLI has entered into a cooperative agreement with the Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI). Speaking for MPI, President Dr. Lei Heong Iok said, “We see great benefits of creating technical talents in the gaming industry for Macao by working with GLI Asia in the upcoming projects and programs.”  

GLI President and co-founder James R. Maida traveled to Macao in October to meet with Dr. Lei to discuss enhancing plans of cooperation in gaming-related research and training projects, as well as cooperation on Student Internship and Graduate Student hiring programs.  

Maida said, “We are extremely excited to be the first gaming test lab to establish a fully operational lab in Asia to serve the emerging regulated gaming markets in the region. The Macao lab’s mission will be to continue to provide real-time and local support to Asian regulators. Additionally, it will bring the advantage of localized service to our international customers who currently supply products to the Asian markets, and for Asian-based suppliers who require compliant testing services for international regulated jurisdictions.  

Overseeing the expansion will be GLI’s Larry Xiao, who has been appointed General Manager of GLI Asia.  

Gaming Laboratories International operates nine fully accredited testing laboratories worldwide, in addition to fully accredited inspection bodies in America, Europe and Africa. GLI is the only independent testing laboratory of its kind to hold both U.S. and International accreditations for compliance with ISO 17025 and 17020 standards for technical competence in testing and inspection services.