The first 16 G MLD machine models were installed and within the next month 108 S MLD and an additional 22 G MLDs will complete the installation

Rhode Island’s first video lottery terminals featuring IGT’s patented REELdepth Multi-Layer Display (MLD) technology are now installed at Twin River in Lincoln, R.I. This is an exciting addition to the gaming options for the Rhode Island State video lottery system which began in 1992.

“This is the first video lottery install in Rhode Island of our REELdepth games,” said Tim Shortall, IGT Vice President of Eastern Region Sales, “and one of the most exciting features of these new games is the video spinning reel technology.  IGT’s MLD technology makes the spinning reels look, sound and even feel like true mechanical spinning reel games.  With true mechanical spinning reels not being allowed in all jurisdictions, IGT partnered with PureDepth to create the REELdepth Multi-Layer Display technology to allow the player the look, sound, and feel of true mechanical spinning reel games in a video format.”

REELdepth slots use Multi-Layer Display technology, an ingenious layering of two or more Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) that creates the visual effect of true depth without the use of 3-D glasses. IGT is the exclusive partner of PureDepth, Inc., the developer of the technology that was originally used in multi-layer maps of war zones, and drives visually enhanced images using real depth for Samsung and Sanyo LCD displays. The MLD technology was recently highlighted at the Society for Information Display’s Display Week 2008 as one of the most innovative technical developments. REELdepth slots are offered on IGT’s new G MLD and S MLD machine models, using MLD technology. All games in the REELdepth line are ready for server-based gaming today, but operators do not need a server-based system to run the games or the unique 3-D technology.

“We are excited about adding this product to the Twin River gaming floor,” said Craig Sculos, Vice President and General Manager for Twin River.  “We believe that our guests will readily embrace the new REELdepth MLD games.  And we think that this is another great step forward in making Twin River a world-class gaming destination.”

On March 3, 2009, the first 16 G MLD machine models were installed at Twin River, and within the next month, 108 S MLD and an additional 22 G MLD machine models will complete the installation.  These 150 machines will feature more than 40 player-favorite game themes and will showcase both round top LCD top box screens, an IGT first-to-market feature, as well as square top LCD top box screens.  

“Players no longer have to search the casino floor for their favorite game. The virtual slot reels in REELdepth games emulate the look, sound and feel of the older IGT ‘legacy’ mechanical reel counterparts, so players immediately feel comfortable playing them,” said Ryan Griffin, Product Manager for IGT’s Standard games

“Our huge library of game choices gives operators flexibility that no one else can offer,” Griffin said, “and players love the true 3-D game play of REELdepth.”

Twin River offers the hottest video slots with the largest variety of video slots, poker and keno areas in New England.  Every inch of the new Twin River has been upgraded or completely redesigned to offer an experience that will change the landscape of entertainment, not only for the Ocean State, but for all of New England.