2.1 version of automated poker software is scheduled to debut this month at a Las Vegas casino and will offer new game features, rewards and statistics

PokerTek announced that PokerPro version 2.1 has been approved by Gaming Laboratories International, clearing the way for several new exciting features that will enhance the automated poker experience for players and operators alike.  

“This is a big release for PokerPro,” said Chris Halligan, PokerTek’s CEO. “There are some great features in this version of our game and we can’t wait to get it out to our customers.”  

The new software is scheduled to debut in early March at a soon-to-be announced installation at a U.S. casino. PokerTek expects to announce the casino’s identity shortly after the opening of the casino’s new 100 percent PokerPro room.  

Selected key features included in version 2.1 are:  
  • Rabbit Hunting –allows players to satisfy their curiosity by privately viewing un-shown community cards for a small fee, increasing incremental revenue for operators.  
  • PokerPro Rewards- allows operators to automatically reward their poker players based on actual play, while providing players with quick and easy access to view their progress toward each reward.  
  • Seven Card Stud – a classic and popular game, PokerPro deals up to 100% faster than a manual table. Hi, Hi/Lo and Razz are all available.  
  • Player Session Statistics –players can now privately view historical statistics about their play, such as Hands Played vs. Hands Won, Flops Seen vs. Hands Played and Showdowns Won vs. Showdowns Played  
  • Straddles – a popular option in most poker rooms, players can select to post a straddle bet which can create more action and bigger pots.  
  • Chop Blinds – a common option that keeps the game moving when all players in the hand have folded pre-flop except the two players who have posted blinds.  
“We’re excited about this version of our software,” said Hal Shinn, PokerTek’s CTO. “Players are eager to try Rabbit Hunting, Straddles, Chopping Blinds and Session Stats. Operators are energized about PokerPro Rewards. And Seven Card Stud on PokerPro is a revelation. We’ve seen upwards of 30 hands per hour, which makes Stud a profitable game for the card room.”