Project, the London games developer, and TCSJOHNHUXLEY, supplier of casino equipment, have combined their respective areas of expertise to produce a dynamic Live Draw Poker game. This will be debuted at the TCSJOHNHUXLEY stand at January's International Gaming Expo.    

The concept, which has been in development throughout 2008, features a live poker dealer and table, with satellite terminals linking in-venue players to the live game in real time.  

DJ Smith, Product Development Manager at TCSJOHNHUXLEY believes that the operating benefits are significant. He explained: "Live Draw Poker enables a large number of players to participate in a single game and as such represents an extremely cost-efficient business model for casinos. In addition, it delivers a less intimidating environment for new players, who may not feel comfortable sitting at a table, and privacy for the more experienced poker aficionados. By incorporating the highly successful casino game of Draw Poker with the live game AccuPLAYTM platform, we are able to provide all the benefits of hybrid gaming offering a major advantage to operators in this competitive sector."  

For Tony Boulton, founder and managing director of Project, the collaboration with TCSJOHNHUXLEY represents a return to the company's roots. He explained: "Although we are better known for developing gaming solutions for the low stake, high volume market, the company was first involved in supplying gaming products and services to the casino industry. We have been working with TCSJOHNHUXLEY on this joint venture for some time and I believe that we have developed a dynamic product which will deliver significant and tangible benefits to operators."