GSA OKs manufacturer extensions for Game to System and System to System protocols

The Gaming Standards Association’s G2S and S2S committees have approved manufacturer extensions for GSA’s Game to System (G2S) protocol and its System to System (S2S) protocols that were received from platinum member company IGT. These extensions are the first to be donated for inclusion in a GSA protocol by any manufacturer.  

A manufacturer’s extension is a new class or other portion of protocol that a manufacturer develops to extend, or add functionality to, a GSA protocol. When extensions are developed for GSA protocols, they are reviewed by GSA for compatibility and are specifically approved by a formal vote of one of GSA’s Technical Committees. Once approved, they become part of the respective standard which will continue to be maintained by GSA. The IGT extensions are the first to be submitted and approved.  

GSA Technical Director Marc McDermott said, “This is an exciting development for GSA and for both the G2S and S2S protocols. Not only does it prove GSA has provided a workable solution for manufacturers, it also proves that the GSA protocols are living, breathing standards, adaptable to extensions that make it even better.”  

Adrian Marcu, GSA board member and IGT VP of Architecture said, “We are excited to work with GSA’s committees in a collaborative effort to bring this new functionality to the organization. This demonstrates IGT’s ongoing commitment to GSA protocols and the processes in place that can be used to help manufacturers bring new meaningful products to market. ARIA at CityCenter, for example, will highlight how these processes come together for the benefit of the industry.”