Increases lab, staff, storage to meet customer demand

Responding to increased customer demand, Gaming Laboratories International has completed an expansion of its GLI Italy lab. The expansion includes an increase in lab size, added engineers and support staff and enlarged device storage area.  

The expansion was prompted by increased work load from manufacturers and suppliers submitting new and modified games for the Italian Comma 6A market, and will allow the lab to serve more customers and to continue to deliver world-class customer service.  

GLI Italy Technical Manager Rocco Ramos said, “We have seen a significant increase in the number of testing submissions we are receiving because of a recent clarification of the Comma 6A game and protocol requirements and the changes to the certification process by AAMS.”  

GLI Italia has also seen an increase in submissions for international jurisdictions. The company has focused on training engineers to work in both the domestic Italian market as well as being able to test for international standards such as GLI – 11, 12, 13, and 22.  

“The increase in activity, with more manufacturers submitting more games for more jurisdictions, provides us with great confidence in the on-going success of GLI Italy.” said Phil Barow, managing director of GLI Italy.