Gang of five takes at least 30,000 euros from French casino

A masked, machine gun-wielding gang escaped early Monday with thousands of euros in cash after holding up a casino in Lyon, France, in the second such commando-style heist in as many weeks.

The five robbers attacked Le Pharaon in the early morning hours, bursting through the doors, knocking security guards to the ground and shouting instructions, according to a report in Britain’s Daily Mail.

“They got everybody on to the floor and started filling rucksacks with cash and valuables stolen from safes and from players,” said a Lyon police spokesman.

The gang got away with at least €30,000, he said, and made their escape in a sports car.

One security guard was injured, the spokesman said.

There were some 400 people in the casino at the time.

Last weekend, Grand Casino in Basel, Switzerland, was robbed in the same manner, the thieves escaping with hundreds of thousands of euros. Witnesses to that holdup, in which a woman was beaten by the robbers, said the two getaway cars had French license plates and fled in the direction of France.

French and Swiss police were reported to have set up a joint investigation unit.