Becomes 43rd lottery in the U.S. with Monday launch

Arkansas has become the 42nd U.S. state to operate a government lottery, and the 43rd jurisdiction in the country to do so, counting the District of Columbia.

Tickets for four Arkansas Lottery scratch-off games went on sale this week at nearly 1,500 retailers, with the proceeds earmarked for college scholarships for state residents. An estimated $600,000 dollars worth of tickets were sold the first day and more than $450,000 in prizes paid out.

More games will be added in the coming months, officials said.

It is projected that $400 million worth of tickets will be sold the first year, and plans are to add pick-style games to the mix. Later this month, Powerball will be available, giving Arkansans a chance at the massive jackpots which previously could only be had by traveling to Texas and other neighboring states. By December, other draw games are expected to be in place.