Massive Las Vegas-Disney World-style leisure city in the Aragon desert included up to 32 casinos in the original plans

Plans for a massive Las Vegas-Disney World-style leisure city in the Aragon desert have won official recognition from Spain’s parliament.

A law to regulate “Gran Scala,” as the complex is known, has been approved by lawmakers and published in the “State Official Gazette,” according to a report in the online portal Spanish Gaming News.

What this means, among other things, is that the national government endorses in principle the decision to locate the complex in a remote, sparsely populated area away from urban centers and the consequences that would arise from that.

The law further specifies that government assumes no obligation to ensure the project’s financial well-being or protect it against any risks and requires the investment group behind it, London-based International Leisure Development, to post to the government of Aragon a €3 million guarantee.

Gran Scala has been priced at €17 billion at full build-out and was conceived originally to cover 2,000 hectares and accommodate up to 32 casinos, 70 hotels, scores of restaurants and retail shops, exhibition and meeting facilities, themed amusement and adventure parks, a golf course, a race course, theaters, museums and residential housing.