The 10th annual Gaming Technology Summit (GTS), which will be held at the Las Vegas-based Green Valley Ranch June 11-13, will feature a slate of sessions devoted to the strategic applications of evolving casino systems, products and communication channels. Among the highlights:

• Data Mining-Is There any Treasure Left?
The goal of data mining is to extract knowledge from a database and use it to support loyalty marketing by identifying customer trends and value. Now, solutions exist that can find new patterns and opportunities in customer databases with the potential to yield additional revenue. Yet, it seems that even with the countless solutions available, most casinos still use very basic mining techniques and solutions. This session will compare using basic data mining methods with more advanced software solutions to determine the best approach considering effectiveness, yield, and cost.

• Facebook and Social Media in the Casino
Every 60 seconds, over 600 000 Facebook statuses are updated, over 98 000 tweets are sent and over 600 videos are uploaded on YouTube. Needless to say social media is here to stay, and impacting businesses in ways we never imagined. This session will review the latest trends casinos are utilizing social media and how it can help your entire organization.

• CIO Roundtable
Technology leaders are challenged every day to provide both tactical and strategic leadership for their department, company, and customers. Managing the day-to-day business, hiring talented staff, and dealing with critical failures, doesn’t leave a lot of time to develop a strategic vision to take companies into the future. Mobile technology, Internet gaming and mobile gaming are just some of the strategic initiatives that have already become a reality that IT leaders must now address. Hear from the industry’s top technology leaders about how they balance the needs of today with the vision of tomorrow.

• Mobile Gaming
With the proliferation of smartphones and tablet computers, gaming is at everyone’s fingertips. Mobile gaming offers entertainment to people anytime, anywhere. People can enjoy their favorite games at their convenience. Intrastate gaming will change the way we deliver gaming products to our customers, and soon. This session will explain this $33 billion industry

• Internet Gaming Update
Recent rulings by the Department of Justice (DOJ), individual state legislation, and many tribal initiatives are poised to imminently bring legal Internet gaming to the U.S. This session will review the latest developments and discuss their impact on the future of gaming. Hear about the latest rulings and initiatives and learn what they mean to the gaming industry as a whole as well as to specific markets.

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