€240,000 taken in March 6 robbery still unaccounted for

The gang that staged the daring March 6 holdup of a Berlin poker tournament admitted to robbery and assault charges in a German court this week but didn’t say what happened to the €240,000 they made off with.

The thieves, none older than 21, appeared in a juvenile court. Two older men who allegedly directed them have been indicted and are to face trial later, according to local news Web sites.

Armed with axes and a starter pistol the masked robbers rushed inside the Grand Hyatt hotel where the €1 million tournament was under way. A brawl developed with unarmed guards. The robbers dropped the money. A guard briefly caught one robber, but they all managed to escape, stuffing the money in their jeans pockets and a bag as they fled.

An uncle of one of the robbers allegedly instructed the gang, drove the getaway car and paid out €40,000 to each of them in an underground garage. At the time of the court appearance, police reportedly had recovered only €4,000.