The online gaming industry has a new tool for verifying player identity, thanks to a collaboration between Player Verify, a secure online player verification site, and online identity verification company The Player Verify Identity Checker, powered by, enables gaming sites to authenticate player identity instantly through

The gaming industry must verify players' identities, and that means requesting sensitive information-like drivers' licenses, Social Security numbers and birth certificates-from online gamers. For players, the verification process is a hassle and a security risk. For gaming sites, it's time�consuming and disorganized, according to company literature.

With the new Player Verify Identity Checker, players and the I�gaming industry have an additional layer of security. The tool, powered by, matches U.S. players' submitted information to a national database of government and public data and verifies players if their information matches. The proprietary technology flags users who may be trying to conduct fraud.

“With the U.S. Department of Justice's recent reversal of its longâ€?established opinion on Internet gambling, Player Verify with Identity Checker is a great fit for the Iâ€?gaming industry moving forward,” said Mark Dalton, managing member for Player Verify. “As more states and private enterprises claim their piece of the legal online poker and state lottery pie, secure and reliable player identity verification will become more important than ever.”

Player Verify serves as a secure conduit between gaming sites and players. I�gamblers securely upload their sensitive documents to, which stores the information, and then they can send a request to any I�gaming site to view only the documents the I-gambler selects through a secure access code. Conversely, the site also gives players the ability to self�exclude just once, instead of going to multiple gaming sites to self�exclude.

When given access by an I�gambler, online gaming companies can view player documents and self�exclusions in one place, without the need to handle and store players' sensitive information. Player Verify Identity Checker is included for free with Player Verify memberships for I�gaming Web sites.