A bill that would have legalized four to five large integrated casino resorts in urban locations throughout Florida has been withdrawn.

State Senator Dennis Jones (R-Seminole), the bill’s author, withdrew it because of a move by Florida’s pari-mutuel industry to piggyback a tax reduction onto the measure.

“As we started to gain some acceptance, the pari-mutuel industry attacked us with the idea they wanted another tax cut and I was unwilling to do that after we gave them a 15 percent tax cut last year,” Sen. Jones told theSt. Petersburg Times. “They apparently had the votes to ride on the back of this industry. I’d rather have nothing than something I don’t like.”

If approved, the Jones bill would have established destination-style casinos with all forms of traditional slot and table games. Bidders would have to pay a $50 million application fee in return for exclusive rights to operate the games. The resorts would also have to be at least 75 miles apart.