SPIELO International has launched a Latin American version of its new progressive EGYPTIAN GOLD five-level linked game, their first using the company’s EPiSODiC GAMiNG technology.

The first Latin American casino to enjoy this entertaining product was Bingo Golden Jack in Quilmes, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Just recently, EGYPTIAN GOLD also launched in three Group Masaris casinos in the northern Peruvian cities of Piura, Talara, and Chiclayo.

Three Egyptian-themed support titles are available as single games (Cleora, Nefturi, and Ramosis) or a multigame package. As the player progresses through the game during one session, they can save and reactivate their achieved status during the next play session. On a journey through Egypt, the player unlocks features and additional bet options, making more action available. When the player reaches the highest status, an additional award is randomly revealed by Tutenchamun. In the five-Level Progressive Playoff, the player can win up to five progressive jackpot levels at the same time.

“The performance of this new progressive has been outstanding since its installation,” said Agustin Cavanna, director of operations, Bingo Golden Jack. “I honestly thought that a new concept where the player can, among other things, register to save their game progress, would not be convincing. The result has been the total opposite. The game has become a major attraction for the player to return and continue playing their game. This system creates a special bond between player and machine as they return the next day to continue their game.”