Country's two casinos opened primarily to attract tourists

Singapore’s two new casinos are attracting millions of Singaporeans despite the entry fee the government has implemented to deter locals.

According to government figures, up to 1 million Singaporeans have visited the casinos since the first one opened in February, eTravel BlackboardAsia reports.

But the city-state’s Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports Vivian Balakrishnan said that although the first seven months attracted a high number of citizens the numbers are slowly decreasing.

“These numbers fortunately appear to be stabilizing as the novelty wears off, but we are monitoring the trends very closely,” he said.

The two casinos opened primarily to attract tourists, with the daily and yearly entry fees imposed on locals designed to minimize the social problems associated with gambling.

Recently, the government issued an order prohibiting public transport from making direct trips to the casino so as to not appear to be encouraging gambling.