A new consultation has been launched in the UK that could open the door to new games, rules and side bets in the country's casinos.

The Gambling Commission, the country’s top regulator, is exploring proposals that would see the discontinuation of the 2007 “Rules of Casino Games in Great Britain,” which currently stipulates the games that can be offered.

The document’s strict wording regarding the rules and odds that apply to games makes it difficult to introduce new games or variations on existing games or side bets so the document must be formally amended.

On the other hand, the 2005 Gambling Act contains provisions that allow the commission to approve new games or rule changes on a trial basis, without requiring a lengthy legislative process, and the commission has proposed to remove the rules document and replace it with a clause in the licensing conditions stating that "Licensees must not offer or permit to be played casino games that appear on any list of games prohibited by the Commission."

The deadline for responses is November 24, after which the commission will render a decision on whether to implement the new changes.