OLGC preparing to install facial biometric video cameras at casino entrances

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is preparing to install facial biometric video cameras at the entrances to all its 27 casinos in the new year.

The purpose of the stepped-up surveillance is to further advance gambling addiction treatment and prevention by helping problem gamblers who have placed themselves on self-exclusion lists. The ability to capture a gambler’s face on camera will help casino management recognize those who are on the exclusion lists.

“At many casinos in the world, self-exclusion lists exist, but without any type of visual evidence, it is hard for the casinos to keep these former gamblers out if they want to beat the system,” an OLGC spokeswoman said. “These new facial scanners will work wonders in keeping gambling addicts out of casinos.”

At the same time, privacy concerns will be addressed, the corporation said. Facial scan histories will not be retained, and personal information that is provided when a person signs up for self-exclusion will also be secured through the new technology.

Other Canadian provinces may soon follow with cameras, according to news reports.