VIP and mass-market baccarat generated more than 90 percent of gross gaming revenue last year

VIP baccarat continues to dominate Macau’s red-hot casino industry, generating 72 percent of the Chinese peninsula’s record 2010 win of US$23.5 billion.

According to a report in Macau Business, the high-end sector accounted for MOP135.65 billion of casino gross gaming revenue ($16.96 billion) last year. Baccarat, VIP and mass-market, generated more than 90 percent of GGR. And both were up substantially year over year: VIP win increased almost 70 percent, mass-market by almost 37 percent. At the end of December 2010, Macau had a total of 4,791 gaming tables.

The market’s 14,000 or so slot machines (down from 14,300 in 2009) generated MOP8.62 billion, an increase of 32.5 percent. Slots made up about 4.5 percent of overall casino gaming gross revenue last year.

Blackjack, poker and cussec made up the balance.

The $23.5 billion GGR total for 2010 (MOP188.34 billion) represents an increase of more than 57 percent over 2009, almost all of it (better than 99 percent), generated by the peninsula’s 33 casinos.