Visitor arrivals in Macau in July rose 23.2 percent year-over-year to 2.1 million, bringing the total year-to-date to 14.4 million.

Same-day visitors accounted for 51.2 percent of the July arrivals, with most of them (578,189) coming from Mainland China, according to a report in Macau Business.

Visitors from the mainland are up 34 percent year-over-year to 1,142,017, accounting for 52.8 percent of all arrivals, with 477,119 traveling under China’s Individual Visitor Scheme, up 40.3 percent from July 2009.

Total arrivals are up 18.7 percent through the first seven months of the year. Mainland China was the largest feeder market with 7.6 million, followed by Hong Kong with 4.3 million Taiwan with 774,426 and Japan with 234,167.

Same-day visitors accounted for 51.8 percent of all arrivals.

Gambling revenue on the peninsula could rise 40 percent in August to about US$2 billion, according to a research note from CLSA Ltd. Revenue in the first 15 days rose 51 percent from a year ago to $968.8 million.