Online poker cash games expected in March and online casinos this summer

Italy’s online gaming market has emerged as the largest in Europe, growing from €3.4 billion in 2009 to €4.8 billion last year, and revenues are expected to grow even more in the country as two important changes are to be made to the industry in 2011.

Up until now, Italians could play only online poker tournaments because cash games are not permitted. In addition, there exists a ban on online casino gambling inside the country. But that is all about to change over the coming months as these two new gambling verticals are introduced.

The addition of poker cash games is expected to add another €400 million to margins in 2011, with online casinos also adding a further €200 million in 2011 and €1 billion in 2012.

With online poker cash games now expected to be introduced in March and online casinos in summer, major operators are already positioning themselves to take advantage of the lucrative new opportunities presented.