Big Fish Casino, the mobile-social multiplayer casino game offered by casual games producer Big Fish, is currently the top-grossing app in the casino genre worldwide, according to independent data provided by App Annie Intelligence.

Big Fish Casino's revenue has tripled over the past year, according to a company press release. Continual game play expansion, including the first mobile-social casino app to launch with real-money betting in the UK, married with innovation in social and community features has garnered Big Fish Casino a loyal and highly engaged player base. With more than 10 million friendships within its social network, Big Fish Casino creates lasting connections with its players that keep Big Fish Casino players actively gaming, many of whom have been playing for over three years.

Big Fish is also constantly expanding and iterating on its mobile-social, synchronous multiplayer casino line of products. The company's Social Scatter Slots puts social interaction into the forefront of slots play, and has been a very popular addition to the game's slots lineup. Last month, the company introduced Big Fish Bingo, which leverages Big Fish Casino's mobile-social game platform and synchronous multiplayer design, making this bingo game a familiar, social and dynamic experience for players. Next month, the company will be introducing the very first real-money multiplayer roulette game on mobile to Big Fish Casino's real-money betting line of products in the UK. Roulette players will be able to play in the same virtual room and see each other's bets and spin of the wheel in real time, replicating the excitement and social atmosphere of a real roulette table.

“Over the last year, Big Fish Casino has more than tripled its revenue, passing up many high-profile competitors to become the top-grossing casino app worldwide,” said Carey DiJulio, vice president and general manager of Big Fish Casino products. “Our sophisticated real-time social interaction features, new and innovative games and game play, and the thrill of real-money gambling, create a fun, social gathering place where users can play their favorite casino games. “Big Fish Casino' is the closest digital casino players can get to the buzz and excitement of playing these games in a real world casino.”

Big Fish Casino is cross-platform and can be played on iOS, Android and PC.