The Seneca Nation has created a $1 million fund for community development projects in the area around its controversial Buffalo Creek Casino, which could also be redesigned as a smaller scale project rather than a destination resort.

The plans were announced by Seneca President Robert Odawi Porter, who told WNEDthat the Senecas want to build a casino on the site where a temporary facility has operated since 2007 that works in conjunction with the surrounding community, rather than being a self-contained tourist attraction. He said it is "very possible" that the new complex might not include a hotel.

"This casino is going to be different than was originally planned several years ago,” said Porter. “It's going to be smaller and it's going to be better integrated into the neighborhood.”

As for the development fund, it generated some positive local press coverage for the project, which still has its share of opponents, who are suing to have the temporary facility shut down. The money will be distributed by the newly formed Buffalo Creek Development Commission, composed of members of Seneca Gaming, the Seneca Nation and local groups.

“Seneca Nation officials are on the same beautification page with community organizations near the casino, including the Valley Community Association and the Old First Ward Community Center,” wrote theBuffalo Newsin an op-ed piece. “There is much to talk about such projects as small parks, landscaping and lighting... The Seneca beautification fund can only add to the momentum in the once-neglected area.”