Solaire Casino and Resort in the Philippines, the first casino to open in the highly anticipated Entertainment City project along famed Manila Bay, has chosen the QuickJack2 ticket redemption kiosk and associated Cash Handling System back-office solution from NRT Technology Corporation, a leading provider of ticket redemption kiosks and payment processing services.

In total, Solaire Casino has 10 QuickJack 2 kiosks operating at the property to ensure customers have access to ticket redemption, bill breaking and TITO ticket printing services via NRT’s world-class functionality.

“The NRT Quickjack2 kiosks have been very well received by Solaire patrons and staff, many of whom have never used a ticket redemption kiosk,” said Art Ayow, NRT’s vice president of international sales. “The immediate acceptance of TITO technology by Solaire patrons and staff speaks volumes about the intuitive nature and customer-friendly design of our product. And the successful installation at this world-class property is a testament to NRT's focus on customer satisfaction and the outstanding partnership between key staff from Jade Entertainment, NRT and Solaire.”