The Magic Island Casino in Paramaribo, Suriname, has installed 110 new SAS Gateway devices from Digital Dynamics Software (DigDyn), an Illinois-based technology firm that provides clients with gaming products and related engineering services.

According to a company press release, there is growing pressure on casino floors to be able to incorporate technologies from across the globe. Digital Dynamics Software has drawn on the expertise of its focused team of software developers to engineer a low cost, plug-and-play device which gives casino operators considerable savings from “day one” compared to the cost of alternative Slot Machine Interface Boards (SMIBs).

“We have taken a very deliberate approach to the roll out of DigDyn’s SAS Gateway,” explained Tony Antonucci, president of DigDyn. “The Magic Island Casino now has 110 of our SAS Gateways on their casino floor which allows the casino to run gaming devices from all over the world. The Gateways came online on the casino floor every bit as smoothly as we had hoped; the SAS Gateway is truly plug and play.”

Antonucci adds the new SAS Gateway is not only easy to bring online, the product offers a major cost savings. Casinos around the world are paying as much as three times as much per machine for traditional SMIBs. “Our new, fully tested and floor ready SAS Gateway hardware costs much less yet have all of the same features,” Antonucci said. “By utilizing our SAS Gateways, operators can use machines from all over the world, and get them to communicate fully with the casino’s host system.”

“We cater to a sophisticated clientele at Magic Island as well as our other casinos in Suriname, Turkey, Northern Cyprus and Uganda,” said Selcuk Ozdemir, slot director for Pasha Global, the casino and hotel group that owns Magic Island. “We want to be able to offer our guests the newest, most exciting games from around the world. With that higher standard comes the technological challenge of getting games which have come from manufacturers from all over the globe to communicate with our host system. The SAS Gateway was incorporated exactly as advertised. Our secured enhanced systems can track play, ticketing, multi-game play, multi-denomination, the entire range of data needs for a modern players tracking system, all with real-time reporting.  It has given us tremendous flexibility going forward.”