Mobile Integrated Systems, a Nevada-based technology company focused on developing and deploying mobile products and transaction systems to a variety of industry sectors, has executed an implementation and cloud‐based operations contract with licensed Venezuelan lottery operator Movil Game Solutions for a SMS‐based mobile phone lottery infrastructure. The solution is based on the MobiLotto family of cloud‐based products developed by Mobile Integrated Systems.

“We are delighted to have been chosen by Movil Game Solutions C.A. to launch this exciting SMS‐based lottery in Venezuela, a country of over 29 million people,” said Murray Simser, president and CEO of Mobile Integrated Systems. “This agreement is the first Mobile Integrated Systems contract in the region and represents the beginning of our focus in Latin America where gaming is growing at an incredible pace. In a country where lottery is primarily paper ticket‐based, we are delivering the next generation of gaming technology.”

Under the terms of the agreement, Mobile Integrated Systems will build and operate the solution for a percentage of the gross sales of the lottery operator. The launch date for this lottery is early December 2012.