Quebec-based DEQ Systems, a provider of table game bonusing, progressive jackpot and table game linking solutions, announced that the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles has installed an additional 16 G3, i3 edition progressives. This brings the total to 28 G3 units on their poker derivatives.

The i3 is the latest generation of progressive technology at DEQ. The i3 features the patented and distinctive features such as multiple credits, multiple jackpot and random bonusing that DEQ has already commercialized in more than 30 countries. The i3 brings a new generation of user based features that will further raise the bar in progressive technology.

The i3 is the natural evolution of the company’s G3 bonusing platform that has been providing casinos with increased revenues and additional player participation with exciting, user friendly applications adaptable to any live table game such as poker, blackjack, baccarat or Pai Gow.