Pennsylvania-based Meadows Racetrack & Casino has deployed the Table Games Yield Management (TYM) system from Tangam Systems following a successful six-month trial.

According to company literature, TYM is a software tool that helps casino operators improve table games profitability by 5 percent to 15 percent by taking the guesswork out of table spread planning and by guiding floor staff on how to best adjust table minimums in real-time to match fluctuating player demand.

During the trial, TYM helped The Meadows reallocate hundreds of table hours to more profitable times, ensuring that labor resources were being deployed when they would produce the maximum bottom-line impact and that players always had the right types and number of games available. TYM also helped The Meadows dramatically reduce the number of sub-optimal occupancy situations (i.e. when players are too crowded or too spread-out) through better real-time minimums management.

Utilizing a sophisticated yield management engine developed by Tangam over several years at partner casinos, TYM is able to demystify table spread planning and minimums management by analyzing both historical and real-time data, providing actionable insights and reports to the entire table games organization.

“TYM gives us perfect visibility into trends and issues,” said Lance Young, director of table games at The Meadows. “Our staff comes from all over the country, so we had lots of different methodologies and opinions about how to best set the table spread and when to raise or lower minimums. TYM cuts through the uncertainty and gives us the correct answers, whether it’s on a minute-by-minute basis or in a monthly summary. We can’t imagine going back to manual methods now that we’ve used TYM for the past six months.”