Surveillance Systems Integration (SSI) has been awarded a contract to provide a new, state-of-the-art digital surveillance security system for the famous Las Vegas downtown icon, the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino. With the new system, the Golden Nugget seeks to increase the security team’s productivity and utilize the better digital video quality to augment security offered at the property.

SSI was selected because of the company’s unique ability to design and build systems that allow for seamless future growth, and to provide upgrades to existing systems with minimal down time to mitigate safety issues.

“The Golden Nugget staff provided us with concrete information about what they wanted, and we were able to draw from our vast experience in providing retrofit upgrades for casino properties like this to offer the casino management a solution that exceeded their expectations,” said Todd Flowers, president of SSI.

With new IP-based, high definition video surveillance technology available, many hotel and casino properties are looking to streamline their security surveillance systems, enhancing performance while reducing the total cost of ownership. According to SSI, with IP video systems, many of the cameras, lenses and cables currently residing in the infrastructure of a system can be used as the casino is migrated to digital technology. The benefits of digital technology quickly become evident, with features including: advanced search capabilities, no image degradation, ease-of-use, ability to simultaneously record and playback video, improvements on the compression and storage of footage and allowing the footage to be shared with police or other password-approved parties. Tied with communication systems, digital systems can also be configured to provide automatic alert notifications to system operators to allow timely action.

Originally built in 1946, the Golden Nugget is the most luxurious resort on the Freemont Street Experience and an iconic part of the Las Vegas casino industry. The award-winning casino has a high-energy floor that offers guests hundreds of slot machines, dozens of table games and a newly remodeled poker room. The property also houses more than 2,300 guestrooms, with more than 500 new guestrooms having been added in late 2009.

“We share the vision of SSI in exceeding customer expectations, and we look forward to the increased productivity that going digital will allow our security team. SSI has demonstrated its knowledge and has worked closely with us to meet our needs, especially in minimizing interruption to our current operations during the upgrade,” said Jeff Moe, executive director, Las Vegas Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino.

The project is set to take 30 days from start to finish, with the installation expected to finish before the end of the year.