Genesis Gaming Solutions has formed Genesis Interactive Technologies, a sister company that will augment the company’s popular pit and poker room management and player tracking system products. Headquartered in Las Vegas, Genesis Interactive provides a full line of table game furniture and products to the casino industry.

“The performance of our BRAVO Poker and BRAVO Pit table management systems is maximized by everything on the gaming table working properly together.  In order to ensure the quality and accuracy required for optimized performance of the systems, we needed to have more control over the design and manufacturing of certain items on the tables themselves,” said Randy Knust, president of Genesis Gaming Solutions. “It was a natural progression for us to create Genesis Interactive where we could expand those offerings to a full table game product line and the two companies together would be a one-stop shop for all things in the casino pit.”

Genesis Interactive’s extensive product line includes custom-built gaming tables and furniture, table layouts, precision dice, playing cards, table game displays and reader boards, and table game accessories.

“Combining the robust BRAVO Pit and BRAVO Poker systems products of Genesis Gaming with the traditional table games products of Genesis Interactive makes perfect sense,” added Knust.  “Together, the two companies create the only comprehensive table game solutions provider in the gaming industry.”