Eldorado Interactive, a subsidiary of Eldorado Resorts, and 3G Studios have entered into a letter of intent to form a strategic online partnership. This is the first partnership in the U.S. between an experienced video game developer and a brick-and-mortar casino operator, according to company reports.

This partnership combines the Eldorado’s expertise in the heavily regulated gambling industry with one of the most progressive and forward-thinking gaming technology firms. The initial focus of the partnership will be on the state of Nevada, while the partners plan expansion as laws allow.

“3G Studios is proud to have our technology and gaming platforms used by one of the most well respected casino operators in Nevada, ” said James Kosta, founder and CEO of 3G Studios. “Eldorado has been expanding into new territories and we’re excited to be part of their expansion online. With our extensive experience in video game development, mobile gaming, social gaming and gambling technology, 3G Studios and Eldorado Interactive plan to deliver the next-generation gambling experience to a much wider demographic.”

Eldorado Interactive and 3G Studios plan to launch an online, real-money poker site once licensing has been approved. Over the next several months, the partners will be releasing several free-to-play games, including 3G Studios’ recently announced SlotALot Casino that can be played for virtual currency. The SlotALot games are the first examples of the next-generation, online gambling games that 3G Studios has been developing for web browsers, tablets and smart phones.

While the partnership between a video game company and a brick-and-mortar casino is already leading to innovative new gaming technology, the true potential of the partnership will become more evident as the legalization of online gaming spreads across the nation. Online poker is already legal in Nevada and Delaware, and many other states, including Wisconsin, New Jersey, California, and nine other states may lift the prohibition on the practice. Many gambling experts predict that other forms of online gambling, apart from poker, may also be legalized on a federal level or state by state in the near future.

If online gambling is legalized in more states, 3G Studios and Eldorado Interactive will be uniquely positioned to offer a full slate of online gambling on their jointly-branded website. All games are being devised with gaming regulations in mind so that real-money play will be possible as laws change.

“3G Studios is committed to developing the highest quality online gambling games on the market. This partnership allows us to launch one of the first legal Nevada-based online poker sites, while still developing the online gambling products that will dictate the future of gambling in the U.S.,” said Kosta.